Welcome to the House of Bane

We are an international gaming community. Our goal is to bring together gamers into a friendly environment where they can compete, casually game and form international friendships. To achieve this goal we have maintained a friendly environment that allows for anyone to join no matter their age, religion or cultural background.

We started building on this idea since October 2010, starting out as a regiment on Mount&Blade Warband. But since then we have expanded our focus across many different games.

Going into the future we want to build this community into a place for gamers to meet up and enjoy their hobbies and through their experiences online form competitive groups, lasting friendships and eventually meet face-to-face during community events!

If you'd like to join us, then just follow the instructions on the "Join" page.​

Check out the House Heraldry!

Ever wondered what the Heraldry really means? Find out here!

Learn about ranks within the House

Here you can see what the different ranks mean and what responsibilities they have.

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