Jan 5

Conan Exiles Adventure Gallery


Post your Conan Exiles pictures here! I have a few from the adventures that we've already had! Check em out!



The HoB witch doctor arrives to the sands leading his people to certain death.


House of Bane scouts find an old ruin and proceed to climb all over it, as is tradition.


A rebellion took place against our mighty leader Corvo, lead by the grossly undressed Vulkaan! It was settled after Corvo showed off his superior pink pants and the tribe flourished.


Our great leader Corvo showing off his new pink pants to the tribe!


Bailey, Thomasus and Corvo showing off their dance moves to the local populous.


Twas a grand adventure so far and many great adventures are still ahead of our company of brave House of Bane exiles!


He climbs.



He climbs everything.





Some awesome but slightly impractical headwear. Conan Exiles Birdbox Challenge ?

Just saying...

"Climbing, is of course, the only true way to explore a new structure or land!" - Pink Pants McGee


Nice outfit, did you dye it or was it always just so dang dark in that jungle that I never noticed that it's white? :D

Here are more pictures from our adventures!

Me totally helping everyone kill this giant and not just trying to get a really cool picture of it crushing my friends.

Trying to get back into the dungeon with the big giant men because my friends totally died while I was taking pictures, thankfully Belcour soloed the witch queen on his own!

Bailey and I posing in the jungle, lookin' gud!

Striking a pose... or stretching, not sure yet.


more dancing!

A great view from a cultist camp.

Jan 16


Who dat dere?!


Jungle attire and a modest beginning!


Pep talk after being killed by a panther...again... ;)


Stockpiling loot from the pirate bay in our sexy new gear


After our original server went down and took our homes with it....I became...A CULTIST!



Jan 17



Such epic!Such epic!
Caris and her epic Rhino in an epic sandstorm!


Jan 18



hanging out on Cris' Rhino


Cursing the on-coming sandstorm!


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  • Decided to make a thread where we can post all those epic rounds we have from time to time in SMITE. So, comment below with all your epic happenings! To open up the thread, possible the most damage I have ever seen someone hit in Arena! Nice work Thomasus (Skarrett) with the epic 78k player damage! ;)
  • The SMITEning has begun! Recently, Vulkaan forced me to play a few matches of SMITE with him and I got a little hooked on it. So, I guess I'll be playing a bunch of this game in the coming weeks. Seeing as it is a free game on steam and isn't too different from the combat in ESO (a bit easier to understand IMO) I would like to invite all our fellow members to give it a whirl and join in with us when we get together for some matches! To download it, just check out steam page for the game. If you are eager to start playing with our group then join up with the steam chat room on the " Games " page and let us know that you are ready to SMITE some gods with us! It might be a bit rough to get going at the beginning but once you get into it a little, it can be a blast! Hope to see a bunch of you out there giving this game a go along side your fellow HoBers! � �