The House Heraldry

The heraldry used as the icon of our community has a lot of meaning behind it, with each color, shape, object, animal or person representing a different aspect of this community. Many of the words used here are things that are valued in our community or things that we strive for in the public eye and among ourselves.

Black: Constancy

Red: Eagerness to

serve a cause

Yellow: Respect and virtue

Chief: Wisdom and


Fess: Readiness to act for the well-being of others

Wolf: Loyalty and companionship

Angel: Dignity and honor

  • Chamomile Blossoms: Energy

  • Laurel Wreath: Triumph

  • Javelin: Excellence of martial ability

Knight: The undertaking of a great cause

  • Bomb: Represents the community's formation on Napoleonic Wars DLC

  • Oak Leaves: Strength and heroism

  • Crow: Strategy and faithfulness