Join the House of Bane!

The House of Bane is a international gaming community built around a simple goal; bringing gamers together to play games with each other in a fun and friendly enviroment.

Sound interesting...?

...Jump in and become a part of the community by following the five steps of allegiance!

Account Creation

Take the first step in joining the House of Bane and create an account!

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By tradition every new member must accept to abide by the House Code! Until you have done this you will not be considered a member! Go to the linked forum page and follow the instructions to accept the code!

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Make use of our Discord!

The real fun begins when you get on Discord and get involved in the community chit-chat! Not sure what game to play? Get on and see what the others are up to!

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Here in the House of Bane we have certain standards which need to be understood and followed. Take a look at them here to make sure you're on board!

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Take advantage of our Steam groups!

We have steam groups for many games to make it easy for our members to find each other and collaborate gameplay in an instant! Hop into the ones you'd like to play with community members!

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Completion of the five steps of allegiance!

If you completed the 5 steps of allegiance above you are now officially a full member of the House of Bane!


Welcome to the House! We look forward to seeing you with us during our questing and battling sessions!