E3: The Elder Scrolls VI Announced!

At the E3 press conference they finally have officially announced that they are working on The Elder Scrolls VI, though it seemed like it may still be a bit into the future before we get our hands on this game. It is still something that makes me enthusiastic about Bethesda's future titles! So here is the teaser trailer:

So they show off the landscape of their new title! Landscape that to my knowledge looks like High Rock or maybe Hammerfell? If they do base the game up there, I really wonder what the players interaction with the Thalmor, Alik'r and the Empire will be? Will it be the first title that doesn't even have a focus on the Empire, a game without the blades? I suppose only time can tell, but like I said before I am very enthusiastic about what is to come!

Let us know what you think below!

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