Fallout 76 Map & Info

So Fallout 76 has released some more info about their game, firstly they have released the map for the game that is supposed to be four times the size of Fallout 4. It looks like it will be a fun place to explore. Got everything from a 'Ferris Wheel' overlooking the 'Toxic Valley' to the 'Rusty Pick' in a 'Ash Heap' not sure how much more you need in a game! For those who aren't convinced just yet, here is the map!

Outside of the release of this map, it is also being explained that Fallout 76 will be a completely multiplayer experience, with servers with up to 24 players and little to no NPC interaction in the game outside of the hideous creatures we are use to and some new ones.

Many players have already commented how they are upset that Fallout 76 isn't going to be similar to the fallout games we are use to in the series and those who are worried about players attempting to grief online. I for one can understand both of those concerns.

I think the best way to combat this and have an amazing time on this next fallout title is to find a group to join up with and fill up a 24 player server with so that you and your fellow adventurers can engage in the sort of interaction that we are all hoping for from a fallout, except this time of course with 23 of your friends!

It goes without saying, that I will be organizing this for the House of Bane and welcome all our members to join in the fun when fallout 76 is released! Just sign up for it on our forum page!

Here's to hoping that there are some fun player based faction systems in the game to play around with I am already looking forward to the revival of the Enclave and the establishment of the new fallout clan... The House of Bane!

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