Free Weekend for the Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown is free this weekend on steam for any among us who were looking to do some good old fashion monster hunting!

Link to Steam page

For those that don't know about this game yet, it is a game where you, along with one other hunter attempt to hunt down a large demonic beast, and collect the bounty on it's head, before the other teams of two collect it for themselves! It is an FPS, where you can upgrade your weapons as you successfully complete bounties and become a more and more renowned bounty hunter!

The atmosphere of the game is very dark and creepy and typically the monsters you are attempting to hunt down are very menacing themselves and the land you have to traverse is filled with infected zombie like beings.

For anybody who is wanting to give this western shooter a shot and looking for a +1, feel free to join up on our discord!

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