Free Weekend for Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Steam is offering a free weekend of Warhammer Vermintide, the game is very similar to a zombie survival game, where 4 players will attempt to make their way across maps completing objectives and all the while fighting off hordes of evil, which can come in a Chaos (buff cultists) flavor or a Skaven (giant rats) flavor. Each player will have the chance to pick a unique hero to join the fray with.

Markus Kruber - Empire Soldier

A noble knight, armored from the head down and ready to engage in bloody combat in the name of the empire! If running into the battle with a big hammer or shield is your thing, this is the guy for you.

Bardin Goreksson - Dwarven Ranger

Fanatical dwarf with a mohawk and a big gun, if you like the idea of shooting the hell out of some monsters from afar or would rather jump into gory combat while dual wielding axes, this is your pick.

Kerillian - Waystalker

A wood elf who has honed the skill set of an assassin now also stalks the battlefield to eliminate enemies with a deadly barrage of arrows or with her dual blades.

Victor Saltzpyre - Witch Hunter Captain

A life time of hunting down evil and unnatural beings has shaped this witch hunter in the art of eliminating spawns of evil. From afar, he fires his pistols and from up close he stabs with his rapier in a flurry of steel that few would want to stand against.

Sienna Fuegonasus - Wizard of Flame

Pyromaniac would be the best way to explain this characters play style, as you incinerate hordes of with your magical power, you must also keep a watchful eye on how close you are to your boiling point, lest you let the fire within you implode, leaving you in ashes!

Here is the gameplay trailer for anyone who is interested in checking it out:

Here is a link to the steam page for Vermintide where you can take advantage of the weekend deal and purchase the game for 50% off:

Offer continues until September 3rd.

If you are planning on trying out the game this weekend and looking for some folks to play with, then drop by the discord and join in the fun!

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