Gamescom: ELEX

ELEX [Piranha Bytes]

From the creators of the amazing Gothic and Risen series' comes a new Open-World-RPG called Elex! We had the pleasure of speaking with some of the team behind this game while trying it out and let me just say, this game looks like it will be amazing!


Elex is a completely new setting, a world which was struck by a meteor and now resembles a barren wasteland with little life left in it. Four factions battle for control of a rare and much sought after resource, which was brought about by the meteor strike, guessed it; Elex! Here is a brief overview of the factions:

-Berserkers want to use Elex as a magical catalyst to bring lush forests and plants back to the wastelands.

-Albs are a faction who consume Elex and use it to power their technology, becoming strong and unemotional in the process.

-Clerics are followers of a god named Calaan who strongly oppose the consumption of Elex and use it instead for technology alone.

-Outlaws are a group who remain free of any particular faith or following, seeing freedom and opportunity as their road to power.


Elex is a beautiful world with top notch graphics; large interesting landmarks and features stand out on the horizon begging to be explored and the combination of old and new world armor and weapons makes for an amazing art style!


We didn't have the chance to test the combat out extensively, however the animations looked great and we were informed that lock-on targeting similar to what we saw in Risen 2 and 3 could be enabled, but that a free swing system would also be an option.