Gamescom: Mount&Blade Bannerlord

Mount&Blade: Bannerlord [TaleWorlds Entertainment]

Its no surprise that this is the first game we want to talk about as it was the Mount&Blade series that our community first gathered around. We have been waiting quite some time for a release now so, whats the deal!?

Well we had the privilege to speak with Taleworlds founder Armağan Yavuz and play a few rounds of Commander Battle on Bannerlord looks awesome! It was clear when we spoke to Armağan that the Mount&Blade series is and has been a labor of love for him ever since he started creating the first game of the series with his wife İpek Yavuz. And after playing a bit of Bannerlord we were not disappointed!


Bannerlord will not be based in the same time period as the previous games and we will not see the same factions again, instead the game appears to be based in an earlier period where an old and once powerful empire still tries to hold onto what little land it has left and new factions arise to try and vie for power themselves. As Bannerlords factions are the predecessors of the factions from previous games, we can expect to see similarities, however Armağan pointed out that they wanted to stir the pot a bit and make the factions less transparent.


The game looks great, this is probably not new news to anyone who has seen screenshots or videos of the game, however I was very impressed with the graphics as I played the game. Bannerlord will be the first game of the series to feature cloth physics and the artists who created the armors and weapons clearly spared no detail!


It became pretty clear early on that combat had been slowed down, weapons seem to take longer to swing and horses are slower and harder to steer. Another thing that stuck out what that arrows and throwing weapons drop much more rapidly and we have high hopes that they will no longer dominate the multiplayer scene as much as in Warband.


We have of course heard many peoples concerns that after such a long production period expectations would be very high and players would be disappointed if the game wasn't very well polished at release. Well, good news! The game appeared to be extremely well polished, we came across no bugs or glitches and everything seemed to be working as expected.

We came to Gamescom with this as our primary interest and we came away even more excited than before! As a side note, Andrew may have added production time to the game by making a suggestion which seemed to be well received. Make sure to thank him next time you see him!