Gamescom: The Guild 3

The Guild 3 [GolemLabs]

The Guild 3 yielded very few surprises, with the game following almost exactly in its predecessors footsteps, but this might actually be a good thing! The Guild 2 was a community favorite with the biggest complaint being the desync issues on multiplayer.

So what IS different from the Guild 2?:

Players must now unlock production possibilities and enhancements via a character progression system and citizenship ranks with their included privileges will be tied into the characters level as well. There is also the possibility to specialize in more than one production area, ex. Be a baker and a smith both. Players will also have to start outside of the large cities until they achieve a high enough rank to be able to enter them, there will however be an option to have an easier start for those who aren't interested in this initial struggle. Of course the graphics are also much improved from the previous game and it looks very nice indeed!

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