Murkmire and Update 20 on it's way

Murkmire is the next big DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, bringing the player to the Black Marshes to explore the many stilt homes and imperial ruins that there are to discover in it's swampy jungles.

With Murkmire, you will be given the chance to explore a totally new region in the south east of Tamriel, within the region known to be the home of the Argonian Race. The story will give players the chance to experience their culture and specifically learn about the various tribes and their reliance on the sacred Hist Trees of the location!

During the main story line you will delve deep into old ruins and dungeons in the search for a powerful Argonian relic during your adventures you will be apposed by the Blackguard faction, man-eating plants, along with many other dangerous perils!

Update 20 will feature new updates to the Alliance War in Cyrodiil, such as overhauled outposts and destructible bridges and milegates, that will aid in slowing down the enemies advance on your territory!

Outside of the Alliance War, update 20 will also include changes to the housing system, such as the ability to move multiple furnishings at once, allowing the player to redesign more easily and music boxes that will allow the player with the chance to fill his household with music!

Murkmire will be released for ESO plus members and purchasable in the Crown Store, but it will also be available as a daily reward during the month of November, so keep your eyes open for that one.

Here is the Murkmire DLC trailer:

If you are looking for a more in-depth post check out the following link on the main website of ESO:

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