The HoB invades Conan Exiles!

After months of preparation and planning we finally have our war band together! Fit and ready to invade the homes of the barbarian scum that roam the lands of Conan! We invite all our fellow members of the House of Bane to join us on this grand endeavor!

If you are not familiar with the game, it is a survival crafting game (similar to ARK Survival Evolved) where you can build great houses, cities and monuments, but it also includes ritual sacrifice, warfare and dungeon delving, something that fits our typical members resume!

Earlier in 2018, Conan Exiles released a massive update, which has refined old systems and implemented many new features to the game, so if you are a veteran player now would be a good opportunity to try it out once more!

Here is the trailer detailing those changes, enjoy!

Currently Conan Exiles is on sale on steam till January 3rd, so if you are hoping to still buy this game now would be a good time! I hope to see many of you join us on the sands of Conan Exiles!

Also make sure you join our steam chat to stay updated on playing times within the community!