The Website Overhaul!!!

Welcome to our newly renovated website! Here are some of the major changes!

  • Banner: Attractive new banner slideshow, to let you know of important developments with the community or to see the new demands of our High Commanders!

  • Home Page: Improved Home page, shows off everything that is going on our forums, blog and discord!

  • Games Page: Updated method to connect with other House of Bane members through the games page. Our steam chat groups you will enable you to communicate directly with members who also have a specific games in common and get a group going for it faster and without the hassle of chasing down people!

  • Blog Page: Overhauled blog system, on top of the pretty visual changes, you can now directly comment with your profile account on those blogs and put your personal touch onto our posts!

  • Join Page: Completely new page to guide potential new members to the House of Bane, with the "5 Steps of Allegiance"! Upon completion of those 5 steps, they will achieve the great rank of Initiate among the members of the House of Bane! Huzzah!

  • Mobile Friendly: Now you can access our website from anywhere with your mobile devices with the customized mobile version! Want to let someone know about a funny video while you are messing around at work? Go for it!

There are also some smaller changes that I will leave you to find for yourself, but we hope that everyone will enjoy this update to the website! If you have any feedback concerning these changes, go ahead and use the new blog commenting system and let us know!