Total War: Warhammer II - Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC

Today the new DLC for Total War: Warhammer II has been released, the Curse of the Vampire Coast! This DLC will include a bunch of new features including, a new tech tree, upgradeable ships, new campagin mechanics, an entirely new roster and 4 new legendary lords to control and conquer the seas with!

  • Luthor Harkon: A renowned Arch Grand Commodore, who discovered a hidden treasure that was guarded by powerful magic, resulting in Harkon's mind being shattered into many different personalities that now combat one another for dominance in his mind. Thankfully, all of his personalities like the idea of collecting powerful Lizardmen artifacts!

  • Count Noctilus: Once called Nyklaus von Carstein of Sylvania, he traveled towards the maelstrom in the hopes of absorbing it's power, and in the middle of the sea he transported himself, his castle and all his undead minions with him to the Galleon's Graveyard, a place which he now raises sunken warships and their crews to do his bidding.

  • Aranessa Saltspite: Known as the Queen of the Tides, she is a respected and feared pirate captain of Sartosa. Being named by some the daughter of the sea god Manann, she calls upon her Vampire first mates to breathe life back into the many dead that follow in her wake. Along with this undead crew she has acquired, she also leads the human pirate crew known as the Sartosa Free Company who now reluctantly share their quarters with the undead.

  • Cylostra Direfin: Legend dictates that she was once the favorite court singer of the Bretonnian king. Who was sent on a voyage across the ocean to perform for the Phoenix King, unfortunately due to a fierce storm she never arrived. Many years later, there are still sightings of a Bretonnian Galleon with tattered sails and broken wood can be seen sailing the seas during the most savage of storms. This ship is crewed by Lamprey and is said to be crewed by Madame Cylostra and her ghostly crew, the Drowned.

If you want more details on the DLC then check out the steam page, otherwise, sit back and enjoy the Release Trailer of Curse of the Vampire Coast!