House of Bane Code of Conduct

In this community we try to keep a friendly, open atmosphere, and in order to do so there are certain rules that our members must adhere to. Make sure you keep these in mind when posting and speaking to one another. Breaking the Respect clause of the code will result in immediate termination, without warning, from the House of Bane.
Honor, is the most important rule set for our community. Being true to what you say, defending people wrongfully accused or harassed and not exploiting others are honorable actions.
  •  Keep your word 

  • Do not take advantage of others

  • Help those who are in need  

Integrity, immature and irresponsible actions are frowned upon within this community, our members are expected to act with a certain level of integrity.
  • Do not lie

  • Do not cheat

  • Maintain self-discipline

  • Take responsibility for your mistakes

Respect, as an international community it is important that we maintain respect for one another and our varying beliefs and origins:
  • Refrain from insulting or degrading others

  • Be mindful of other people's beliefs and origins

  • Treat all people fairly and with respect